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Big Bad Ass Snakes  

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This is a Burmese Python,

and this is a Reticulated Python.

She didn't have any trouble going through the fence BEFORE she had someone for dinner.

If a Python did have you for dinner, this is the last thing you would see!

After a really big meal, Pythons are fat and sleepy and not dangerous at all. This makes them easy to catch if someone comes up missing -- like the unfortunate man below!

He wandered away from the work site in the Amazon jungles, got sleepy and took a nap. The nap turned out not to be a such good idea after all.


um.... some of those pics are of african rock pythons...

Really? I'm not an expert, which ones are the African Rock Pythons?

The last picture was in Indonesia the reticulated python is in SE Asia, not the Amazon. The man was a woodcutter in the forest and a game warden found the body in the snake after he became missing.

HerpEnthusiast777   says July 20, 2008 at 1:07 PM

Not to put anyone on the spot, but out of all my years experience with the big snakes, i have only heard of a few cases of people being swallowed by these snakes(and only because of owner stupidity). I just don't see why you make such derrogatory statements about them...

P.S. 'Anonymous' is right in saying that the picture of the snake biting the fence is an African Rock python!

Ok... herpenthusiast777... you're right, the captions under the pictures are pretty inane. I personally love snakes, and didn't think of the captions as being derrogatory...

My only excuse is that it must have been one of those too much tequila kind of afternoons on the day I posted this.

One day soon, when I'm feeling ambitious, I'll edit this post so that the information (albeit inane in content) is at least accurate.

Thank you for setting the record straight. Snakes do tend to get a bad rap, when the truth of the matter is that a confrontation between snake and human tends to be much more dangerous for the snake.

Well... I think they're cool.

Your all friggan stupid. snakes dont eat people! people eat snakes. thats goooooood eatin'!

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