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Bad Parenting  

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Don't you just love what a little duct tape can do?

Some of this I can understand..

But a tattoo?

bad-parenting-7_jpgbaby sandwich
And, OK, yes...
I agree.. probably we should eat them while their bones are still soft...

But hey,
Isn't there something not quite right about this?

I'd be screaming too!

And what about this?

And this?

smoking kid
Now that IS bad parenting!

CPR for Dummies?  

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Not exactly an image that inspires confidence!

Motivational? Maybe not so much!  

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...and now we play the waiting game

demotivational (1)
Because you're too close to level 70 to give a FUCK about visiting grandma.

demotivational (2)
Just one more way to die.

demotivational (3)
Millions of the fuckers come in and only one bastard actually works!

demotivational (4)
Some times you just can't duck the heat.

demotivational (5)
Some people have too much of it

demotivational (6)
It ain't always slimming

You shouldn't have touched his fucking frisbee bitch

demotivational (7)
One of these days I'm going to find you, and when I do...

All hail.

Massage Therapy With Snakes?  

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Is he serious?
So people really do this?
Are you creeped out?
I am.

snake massage

snake massage

snake massage

But wait!
Are those mice on his feet?
Or is it a rat?
Don't snakes eat rodents?

snake massage

Is that a dog?
Someone brought their dogs to the snake massage?

snake massage

snake massage

So, is this guy super relaxed?
Or paralized with fear?

snake massage

snake massage

snake massage

So, would you do that?
I might...
If someone paid me enough!

Not So Romantic Lives Of Gypsies  

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Romany encampmentA pipe-smoking mother tends to her children in a rather windswept Romany encampment on the Epsom Downs, circa 1910.

Children at a Gypsy encampmentChildren at a Gypsy encampment at Epsom help with the laundry chores the day before the Derby, circa 1935.

gypsy encampmentA makeshift tent in a gypsy encampment on Hurtwood Common Surrey, Jan 30, 1934.

Gypsy encampmentGypsy women and a baby in an encampment overshadowed by gasometers and strewn with rubbish, July 28th, 1951.

Gypsy children playGypsy children play in squalid and overcrowded encampment at Corkes Meadow Kent, July 28, 1951.

Romany woman cooks dinnerA Romany woman cooks dinner in an iron pot hung over an open fire at the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

Romany womanA Romany woman combing her sons matted hair outside her tent in an encampment on Corke's Meadow Kent, July 1951.

gypsy encampmentA policeman inspecting a license at a gypsy encampment on Kings Moor near Tenby, May 1935.

London missionary and friend of the gypsies William Larmour talks over problems with elders of tribe in the Corkes meadow encampment, overshadowed by gasometers and strewn with rubbish, July 1951.

Galician Gypsy Encampment, Wandsworth 1911

Romany familyA Romany family on the steps of their caravan at the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

campaigning at a gypsy encampmentMrs Robert Matthew, an MPs wife campaigning at a gypsy encampment, October 1951.

Romany trade of tinkeringAn old Romany turns his hand to the traditional Romany trade of tinkering (scrap metal dealing) at the Corke's Meadow encampment in Kent, July 1951.

But it wasn't all rubbish, squalor, and hard work. There was family, fun, freedom, and fresh air too.

Brtitish gypsiesFamous Spanish dancer Antonio with some Brtitish gypsies, October 1956.

family of gypsiesA family of gypsies sitting outside their caravan on an encampment at Brook Farm during the fruit picking season, September 1942.

Corke Meadow gypsiesFather and son have a talk, July 1951.

Grandmother Eyres keeps eye on the children whilst mother prepares supper on gypsy encampment in Surrey. Despite their lifestyle, the Eyres family was a prosperous one, owning several plots of freehold land, circa 1946.

boxing matchA boxing match in progress between two gypsy boys on the Corkes Meadow encampment in Kent, circa 1951.

young Romany womanA young Romany woman in an encampment on Corkes Meadow, Kent, July 1951.

Underwater Ironing?  

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From Extreme Ironing, we have this strangely self defeating idea.
Underwater ironing in Madagascar!






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