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Surreal Portrait Art  

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Pretty amazing isn't it?

Man's Best Friend!  

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Gives you a whole new perspective, doesn't it?

Mr Luo's Makeover  

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80 year-old Mr. Luo lives in the little village of Chong Qing city in China. Wildly enough, he hasn’t washed or cut his hair or beard for more than 26 years.

His hair grew to 2 meters long and his beard was 1.5 meters. For the first time in 26 years, he decided to give himself a new look for a local animal sports event.

All the townspeople lined up to give him a hand. After many failed attempts using regular shampoo, they spent a total of 5 hours and 3 packs of laundry detergent to wash him clean.

In the end, Mr. Luo was a very happy man. And so, I think, was his family!

Is it art?  

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Is it art, or is it just another way to hang on to your "stuff"?

Here's one way to display an extensive collection of cheap plastic fruit!

I'm not quite sure what this one is all about...

Hauling some serious cargo here!

Okay? What's this? Garage sale remnants?

And here we have what looks like the end result of... "Put your toys away right now or I'm going to glue them on the car!"

His own personal salvage yard!

Yowsers! I'm speechless!

Your own personal moon!  

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Thanks to some Russian designers, now anyone can have his own moon right in his apartment or his backyard. Is that cool or what?

Here's a fashion statement!  

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Hmmm... not everyone approves!

One Cool Typewriter!  

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Check this out! It's a replica of an old Underwood Typewriter made out of felt! Is this cool or what?

Here's what the artist has to say about it:

"Here is my latest felt creation, an Underwood typewriter. The typewriter it is modeled on was my boyfriend's great-great-grandfathers. It took me several weeks of non stop sewing to finish. The felt is hand dyed and the details are embroidered. I added some real screws that I tarnished in vinegar. The roller rotates so that a piece of paper can be added with some typed words on it. I hope you like it!!"

Like it? I love it!

One ambitious snake!  

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This picture shows a large Olive python capturing dinner
— a wallaroo.

This is one big snake! If you look closely (click the image to enlarge it) you can see that part of the snake is disappearing out the right hand side of the frame. How much more of it is there, curled around the escarpment it so beautifully blends with?

This fascinating picture was taken in the Kimberley region of Western Australia ... It appears that the wallaroo is already dead but swallowing it will require an awesome feat of strength from the python.

Amazing, isn't it? I wonder, did the python actually manage to swallow its ambitious meal, given its precarious location? Or was it simply reeling in its catch, like any fisherman, to consume it in a more genial environment.

Total Lunar Eclipse  

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On August 28, we had a total lunar eclipse. Bob Johnson over at Black Holes and Astrostuff took these great photos.

You can read more about it here, and here, or you can check out his photostream on Flikr.

Relax if you can!  

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Here's some furniture to cure even the most determined "couch potato".

A visit to the Sao Paolo Tattoo Festival!  

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Here's a rough looking character, a "black sheep" so to speak. Check out the earlobes!

The neck looks pretty cool, but why would anyone get a tattoo in the roof of their mouth? What's the point of that? On the plus side, however, his teeth look like they are in pretty good shape.

This dude, on the other hand, just has a bad attitude and some fried hair. He thinks he's a bad boy and pretty hot stuff, but he's got nothing on the next guy!

Meet Mr. Zombie Peanut Butter!

That's one wicked smile!

Whoa Nelly! Are those implants in his arm?

Yep, This is the guy my daughter would bring home!

Looks like somebody's going to get a ticket!  

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I wonder what the fine will be?

Our President!  

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George Dubya Bush

He dropped bombs; he dropped funding; he dropped the ball; he even dropped his own dog!

Uh, George? The book is upside down!

Somebody's got the giggles!

Ah... So that explains it!

Yes, this is our "Commander in Chief" in action!

He's one scary dude!

No intelligent life form detected!

Yes, I'd have to agree... one of our worst disasters.

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