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These Guys Are Too Cute!  

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Maybe "cute" isn't the right word.
They are pretty interesting, though.
Looks like aliens live among us!






Adrenalin Junkies  

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Now that's what I call living dangerously!

Wicked Weather Pics  

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Ok... now that looks scary!

extreme storm

extreme storm

extreme storm

extreme storm



Better get into that storm cellar pronto!

Confident or Crazy?  

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house fire idiot
So, his house is on fire, and he's sitting on the front porch smoking a cigarette! Here's a guy who either has absolute confidence in the fire department, or he's an idiot. What do you think?

Some Cool Photographs  

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more cool pictures!

Notice how the city is upside down in the water?
What a great photo!

more cool pictures!

I think he's better off where he is...
Especially since the ocean is salt water, and goldfish are freshwater fish.
But it really evokes a mood, doesn't it?

more cool pictures!

This is certainly different!
Instead of "out of the box" they are "out of the bowl!"

more cool pictures!

Cool photo, huh?

Oops! X Rated!  

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So this is how the stick people became extinct!

Bikini Beach Fashion ??  

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abnormal swim wear

Check this out!
You don't see swimming suits like this every day!

Colorful and abstract - but is it art?  

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Tilia cordata Mill

Neat, huh?
Actually, this is microphotography. Pictures of what various wood fibers look like under a microscope. The colors are the stains used to bring out the variations of texture.

Ulmus scabra Mill

Quercus robur L

Fraxinus excelsior L

Cedrus sp traumatic

Quercus robur L.

Pinus silvestris L

Picea abies Karsten

Larix decidua Mill

Acer pseudoplatanus L

Pirus malus L.

Carpinus betulus L

Salix alba L


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punked out kitty

Now that's one punked out seriously pissed off kitty!!

I should have gotten one of these!  

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sound wave washerSound waves, get your wash clean, claims Robert Bosch of Stuttgart, Germany. This seven-pound machine works on principle of auto horn. Hooter must sound for five minutes. Cost is $32.

Still Horny?  

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still horny

  • 16 wives
  • 7 hungry dogs
  • 3 thin cats
  • 25 kids and
  • still horny
  • please help with spare change
Ok... I'm so not believing this guy... 16 wives??? come on...

It's Silly Cartoon Day!!  

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end of the world

"Why YES! Yes I WOULD like to talk with you about the end of the world!"

reverse psychology

"Think carefully, and then tell yourself about me."


"Face it Fred - you're lost!"

ice cream revenge

Awww... too bad!

confused nails

"...and then I heard a loud bang and when I turned back, he was gone!"

online shopping

"We usually shop in the comfort of our own home, but the bloody computer crashed."

air bag

"It's the latest innovation in office safety. When your computer crashes, an air bag is activated so you won't bang your head in frustration."

most effective birth Control

The most effective birth control known to man.


"Nurse, get on the internet, go to SURGERY.COM, scroll down and click on the 'Are you totally lost?' icon."

Lap Dog  

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lap dog

But wait!!
That's not a dog!!

Bodhisattva with 1,000 Hands  

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Qianshou Guanyin

Cheng Cheng, an 18 year-old hearing impaired dancer, leads the performance of the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Bodhisattva with 1,000 Hands), the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Presented by deaf and mute dancers, the China Disabled Persons' Art Performing Troupe was set up in 1987 and has won a reputation for extraordinary performing art

China Disabled Persons' Art Performing Troupe

Bodhisattva with 1,000 Hands




That's pretty cool!
Just for reference, here's a picture of the Guanyin Buddha


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