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The Skinny House  

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See this? It's a really skinny house.

It's about as wide as these two people.

The kitchen doesn't look too bad.

This, however, must be the living room.

And what's this? The study?

Yep, that's one skinny house.


I love quirky architecture and this certainly meets the criterion! Don't think I could live in it -- how about you? I'd find it a metaphor for tunnel vision and I don't think it would foster creativity.

Great blog you have Ms. Two Feathers. I like your nom de plume. Do you have a spirit guide? Is that the origin?

I don't think I could live in it either... I'd probably feel flattened, or smooshed, or something like that... a feng shui practitioner would really have their work cut out for them with this house, wouldn't they?

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. And yes, I do have a spirit guide. The name is kind of a long story, and yes - the name and the owl - both from spirit.

I was telling my friends about your blog today, I'm still drooling over the thought of those cute little key lime tarts.

Good morning Shirley! "Flattened" and "smooshed" would not be a good thing. You're so right about the feng shui. Nonetheless, it's brilliant in an odd way and I enjoyed seeing it.

I'd speculated re: the spirit guide but thought I would ask. Interesting stuff!

Thanks for telling your friends about my blog. Those lime tars are really good. Hope you'll visit me some time. I'm off to check your other blogs. You're one prolific person, Ms. Two Feathers. :)

Have a great day!

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