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Poo Toys!  

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And no... I'm not talking about Winnie the Pooh!

Pee and Poo
Here we have two new friends for your toddler to play with:
Yes, it's Pee and Poo!

Pee and Poo
Do you think they're adorable and cute?

It's a poop shooter
For kids who enjoy something with "action" we have the ... yes, it's true ... The Poop Shooter! How fun is that?

Poo Jewels
And for the boys and girls who love a little bit of bling, we have... of all things... Poo Jewels! Fancy huh?

The Toilet Tiger
The Toilet Tiger adds a whole new dimention to the potty training experience by shouting encouragements such as "Ggrrrraaaahhhhmmmmppppphhhh", "Do it now!" and I don't know what else. What young mother can resist this educational tool?

Poo Head
And last but not least, we have the "Poo Head" for all those Bah Humbugs out there!


That's disgusting and hilarious! Somewhere, marketing execs are scratching their heads...

i have the right to question the japanese again.

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