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Not a good day at the construction site!  

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Bucket Wheel Excavator

Here we have a bucket wheel excavator.
Yowsers, that sucker is big!
It's 315 ft high and weighs 13,500 tons!

Caterpillar Dozer

This is a caterpillar D8R Dozer.
It's pretty big too.
It weighs 32 tons, a nice little piece of machinery.

Here's where it got stuck

But wait! Is that a bulldozer I see sticking out of there?
What happened?

Let's take a closer look!

Here's a closer look - with captions.

The Discharge Chute

Holy crap! Now what?

It's stuck in there good!

It's heavy, it's high, and it's stuck!

Ok, so now what?

So, now what?
I wonder if one of these guys is going to get fired.

Pulling it out

You get a really big crane and pull it out, that's what.
I wish there was a picture of that crane... but there isn't.

Easy does it

Easy does it...

Got it!

Got it!

Coming down
Coming down!

Looks kinda sad, doesn't it?

Awww... that looks really kinda sad!


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