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Death Maps  

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Here's something I found absolutely fascinating. It's a method of mapping the world based on statistics using cartograms. According to Worldmapper, the cartograms are akin to pie charts, except the slices of the pie are shaped into countries.

"I think that looking at a map rather than just the raw data allows you to see the whole picture and makes for easier comparison between the different datasets," Worldmapper's John Pritchard said in an email."

What I found most interesting were the death maps. Here are some of them:

Death By SuicideDeath by suicide.

Death By VolcanoDeath by volcano.

Death by WarDeath by War.

Death by AIDSDeath by AIDS.

Death by accidental poisoningDeath by accidental poisoning.

Death by avalanches and landslides.Death by avalanches and landslides.

Death by disasterDeath by disaster.

Death by diarrhoeaDeath by diarrhoea.

Death by depressionDeath by depression.

Death by droughtDeath by drought.

Death by drug useDeath by drug use.

Death by earthquakesDeath by earthquakes.

Death by extreme temperatures.Death by extreme temperatures.

Death by firesDeath by fires.

Death by floodDeath by flood.

Death by murderDeath by murder.

Death by glaucomaDeath by glaucoma!
Say what?
Glaucoma? Is that possible? Really?

Lived to be 100And on a more positive note - here is the "Lived to be 100 Map."

all images © Copyright 2006 SASI Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan)


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