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Cool shoes!  

Posted by Shirley Twofeathers in , ,

Yowsers! Now that's a pair of cool shoes!


better looking feet than mine

Those are bloody amazing! :)

is there really shoes like that?? i want them!

hi there,

who is the designer?
i like this human shoes and want them! where can i buy this shoes?

thanks you

please contact me:

i want this shoes..from where can i buy this shoes??

please tel me

contact me:

It's called PHOTOSHOP!

Silence of the lambs…Buffalo Bill would be impressed.

Contact me at dmyaro@gmail.com- where can I get these awesome shoes?

i want these!!! please contact me!

I would love a pair of these feet shoes.they are awesome.


i would love to buy these shoes too -

please contact me at


Where can i find this shoes i want a pair

email me at suresh.ramasamy28@gmail.com

im going crazy i cnt find them anywhere , do u know whos the designer or where to buy them ?

message me sasha10green@yahoo.com

can you buy them?????

Now realy, are they real and can I buy them?
Please reply to me @ rodneylongford@yahoo.com

Where can u buy these shoes at?

I want to buy one also something new n it kicks ass. Email is Xyooj559@yahoo.com would love those shoes hope to get a reply

i love these!! want, please let me know where to get them! shssd2013@gmail.com thank you so so so much! :)

did you ever find these shoes if so contact me at jevonte.wheeler@yahoo.com

It is photoshoped.
Shoes like these could never fit.

You can buy these:

Where can I get some please help me

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