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Reading the signs....  

Posted by Shirley Twofeathers in ,

"Do not touch any of these wires!"


For help :
  1. Push the RED button,
  2. Or yell!

bad driver

Don't like my driving?
Email me at eatshit@gofuckyourself.com

I wish

I wish my wife was this dirty.

Be Nice To America

Be nice to America, or we'll bring democracy to your country!

save the planet

Save the planet!
Kill yourself!



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Another Disclaimer

I found these pictures sitting in the My Documents folder in my computer. I have no idea how they got there or where they came from. It must have been a too much tequila not enough rational thinking kind of night. If one or more of them belongs to you and you don't want them here - I'll be happy to remove them.

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