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The Penis Painter  

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Here's a guy who paints portraits with his penis! Yes... you read it correctly! I do have a picture, and it has been "fuzzed" in the appropriate place. I don't like to post anything too skanky here... but I couldn't resist this one.

How does somebody even come up with the idea to do something like this? The things people do is a continual amazement to me! And the portrait even looks half way good. I wonder what he charges for a painting! And I wonder WHERE he does his art. Unbelievable!!

penis painter


Too funny!

OK, not being a perv here, but I am truly interested in style as the pics are not too bad considering there's not a "fine point" for detail to use on the human penis. Where did you find this so I can see 'unfuzzed'?

Actually... it was already "fuzzed" when I found it. And I can't remember where I got it... it was one of those saying up til 3 am looking for something totally unrelated... kind of nights... there wasn't any explanation with it just an OMG!! caption and the title.

The shit people pay money for nowadays... Oh? You painted this with your balls you say? How profound! Does 50 grand sound like enough? This one's going on the mantle. hurhur

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