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It's Silly Cartoon Day!!  

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end of the world

"Why YES! Yes I WOULD like to talk with you about the end of the world!"

reverse psychology

"Think carefully, and then tell yourself about me."


"Face it Fred - you're lost!"

ice cream revenge

Awww... too bad!

confused nails

"...and then I heard a loud bang and when I turned back, he was gone!"

online shopping

"We usually shop in the comfort of our own home, but the bloody computer crashed."

air bag

"It's the latest innovation in office safety. When your computer crashes, an air bag is activated so you won't bang your head in frustration."

most effective birth Control

The most effective birth control known to man.


"Nurse, get on the internet, go to SURGERY.COM, scroll down and click on the 'Are you totally lost?' icon."


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I found these pictures sitting in the My Documents folder in my computer. I have no idea how they got there or where they came from. It must have been a too much tequila not enough rational thinking kind of night. If one or more of them belongs to you and you don't want them here - I'll be happy to remove them.

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