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Honeyeaters Sighted Near Subdivison  

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A young female keeps a wary eye out for intruders.

It is possible that these two females are attracted to the noise and smell of the drag racing.

The rapid proliferation of these creatures seems a small price to pay for the increase in Honeyeater numbers since their introduction.

Members of the group display unexpected empathy towards one of the increasing number of casualties.

While the alpha male does maintain a strong hierarchy, juveniles are free to playfully interact.

A typical family group with an infant have infested this construction site.

This lone male is so habituated to human contact that he shows no fear whatsoever.

A rare sighting of the Golden Helmeted Honeyeater.

Both humans and canines are generally tolerant of these unnatural creations.

As the suburbs encroach on the Honeyeater's habitat, many groups are adapting to life on the city fringe.


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