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Wow Cool! Green puppies!  

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green_puppy 2





green-puppy-15293870_240X180 green-puppy green8zv

A green puppy was born in New Orleans. Shown in this video and pictures, the puppy was one of five puppies born to a mixed breed mother and is the only green puppy in the litter.

“Sometimes, when a puppy is born, the amniotic fluid mixes with the placenta and dyes the coat of the puppy and it almost always happens to very light colored puppies,” says Anna Zorrilla with the Louisiana SPCA.

She says the puppy will likely turn white in color in a few weeks. She also says the puppy’s health is not affected by the color.

“There are not health concerns,” Zorrilla said. “It’s really just a discoloration in the birthing process.”

While it doesn't happen very often, it does happen. Here's another green puppy. This time it's an American Bulldog puppy.



Here's another video "The World's First Green Puppy" - the bulldog puppy's name is Shrek:


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