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World's Highest Bridge  

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Aiguille du Midi
Check this out! It's the bridge at Aiguille du Midi on Mont Blanc.

Not super impressed? Here's the scoop on it:

Mont Blanc above Chamonix sits at 15,780 feet. The highest mountain in the Alps and the highest in Europe. It's the baddest mountain at the baddest ski area in the world. Mont Blanc is such an intimidating face that its incredibleness is matched by the incredibleness of there actually being a tram built into its face.

Built in 1955, the Aiguille du Midi is still to this day the highest vertical ascent of any cable in the world. An ear-popping 9,100 feet are covered in 20 minutes flat. Built into the shear-rock face, the top station has an elevator in its interior that rises 13 stories to the different look-out terraces. It's the top of the world, from the top of the world's greatest ski area, Chamonix. (source)

Still not impressed?
Click the image below to view full size.



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beautiful pictures of stones and mountains

nice post...thanks

Just to let you know. IT'S ALL WRONG!
Mont blanc is in the alps.
Pic du midi in the pyrénées.
Not the same thing, not the same place!
All the pictures are the pic du midi, absolutly nothing to do with mont blanc...



Paolo : it's not wrong : Aiguille du Midi is actually in the massif du Mont-Blanc, Alps (Haute Savoie), on the area of Chamonix, and Pic du Midi is in the Pyrénées. Two differents mountains. The pics show Aiguille du midi, have a look at http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aiguille_du_midi

I'm living in Provence, betwenn Alps and Pyrénées.

Lionnel, from France

Nice collection of mountains wallpaper

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