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Creepy Cannibal Pictures!  

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Be warned! These are some really creepy pictures! They might even scare you!

I bet you're scared now! I know I am!


hi hi !

Is the first cannibal picture yours? I would like to use it for a project. Do you happen to know if theres a hi res version around and who possibly has the rights?many many Thanks in advance...dpfrecords@gmail.com

Please go visit our new blog:
The's a text about The Last Cabnnibal World of Ruggero Deodato.
Thanks a lot!

Thank You.


u scared my 2 yr old son with the 2nd picture.but u rock

hello. i am Lucian This is a very interesting website. I am a big supporter of cannibalism and i have heard stories from my family that many of my ancestors practiced this. I am very shamed that this has become taboo.

My name is Alexis. I wholeheartedly support cannibalism only if it's legal and no one is murdered to obtain their meat! If they consent, it should be in writing (though I don't know of anycourt that would enforce that) and should be practiced in secret...for now. My great-great-great aunt was captured and consumed by cannibals near what is known today as Lake Victoria, Africa. I vacationed in Fiji five years ago. They practiced cannibalism there was well. I walked nude on one of their isolated beaches, not thinking for a moment that one of their descendents today could have captured me and put me on the menu!

I say you motherf***ers are sick!

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I found these pictures sitting in the My Documents folder in my computer. I have no idea how they got there or where they came from. It must have been a too much tequila not enough rational thinking kind of night. If one or more of them belongs to you and you don't want them here - I'll be happy to remove them.

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