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Funy Smart Cat Pichurs!  

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Smart Cat has cheatsed yur stoopit labrintz

Smart cat has cheatsed ur stoopit labrintz.

lolcat - tea plz, no sugar thx

Tea plz, no shoogar, thx.

Can someone hand me the 12mm socket?

Can someone hand me the 12mm socket?

halp iz bein skweezed

Halp! Iz bein sqweezed!

Ceiling Cat? Are you up there?

Ceiling cat? Are you up there?

Charisma. I Has It.

Charisma, I has it.


Why I haz to hold target?


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I found these pictures sitting in the My Documents folder in my computer. I have no idea how they got there or where they came from. It must have been a too much tequila not enough rational thinking kind of night. If one or more of them belongs to you and you don't want them here - I'll be happy to remove them.

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