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Images on your site

For those of my readers who don't read English, here's what it says:


I must say, I'm quite upset. I have been using images from your website on my website for a long time now and suddenly they are gone, and I am concerned. I am using my website to build up my business which is not easy and you changed the location or deleted them or something.

My concern is that if you do not upload the images again I might have to contact my lawyer as I am using these images for the purpose of advertising and this sudden change without warning means I have to find where you have moved them to and get them working again.

Why would you do such a thing? I am an honest business man and small business like mine never get respect. I hope you realize it took me a long time to find images I liked. Now I have to find your images again. Please put them back right away. I don't think you want me to call my lawyer about this.

Pleas contact me either at this email or at --- to resolve this matter.




Wow.... how DARE you do that to the nameless faceless person who based his well being on a nameless faceless person who had no clue that the well being of nameless #1's business would hinge ENTIRELY on a website that is designed to be transient. Shame on you! :)

really? I almost want to have him contact the lawyer just to see A: if the lawyer laughs in his face or B: what the lawyer actually came after you with.

good luck with that!

I know... I'm actually almost feeling guilty and not quite worried about that lawyer!! LOL!!

The guy has a valid point. I used to be in the business of stealing other people's bandwidth and I didn't get any respect, either.

wow this guys actually a genius, hes just given the site its best picture ever, hes incredible!

Good point!

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