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Never Play With Darts!  

Posted by Shirley Twofeathers in ,

Never Play With Darts

Here's a really good reason not to get a set of darts for your kids for Christmas... then again, it might be a really good reason to get a set of darts for certain kids for Christmas...

Ok... no... I'm just kidding...

And, actually, I'm pretty sure this is a photo manipulation.


Ouch, lets hope so, but they did ban quite a few years ago a game with pointy darts called Jarts, I think they changed the end on them, but they had the same problem with kids throwing them at each other and accidently stabbing each other.

Well, all I can say is that if it does happen to be a "real" picture, not one single child was injured during the posting of said picture on this site.

How's that for a disclaimer?

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