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Running With the Bulls!  

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Here's a guy trying his best to be invisible!

Oh oh! That looks scary!

This little "matador" looks like he's in some serious trouble!
Check out the flying shoe!

Look at that guy's face! He's having serious second thoughts about getting up close and personal with that bull!


Oops! Now here's a guy who was just standing around reading the newspaper and looking cool in his sunglasses...
He should have been paying more attention!

Now that looks painful!


Takes all kinds, these people are just nuts,lol

I agree. I suppose it's adrenalin junkie heaven! As for me, I always root for the bull.

Wow, your pictures talk much more than words can report - I was deeply touched. Thank you. This is just magnificent!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

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