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A visit to the Sao Paolo Tattoo Festival!  

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Here's a rough looking character, a "black sheep" so to speak. Check out the earlobes!

The neck looks pretty cool, but why would anyone get a tattoo in the roof of their mouth? What's the point of that? On the plus side, however, his teeth look like they are in pretty good shape.

This dude, on the other hand, just has a bad attitude and some fried hair. He thinks he's a bad boy and pretty hot stuff, but he's got nothing on the next guy!

Meet Mr. Zombie Peanut Butter!

That's one wicked smile!

Whoa Nelly! Are those implants in his arm?

Yep, This is the guy my daughter would bring home!


I'm a dad of 2 daughters. Your pics have got me running home in terror to lock them up! ;-)

I hear you on that one! The first boy my daughter brought home looked like he walked right out of "Deliverance" the movie. Even his name - Bubba Joe...

I, on the other hand, never brought anyone home that would scare my parents... not me! What I did was sneak out at night and so I could meet them in bars and the back seats of cars...

Children are scary people - especially when you're the parent!

one word: ouch.

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